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Reasons to quit caffeine

I love coffee and often rely on it to keep me going through long days, but it's worth weighing the pros and cons of the caffeine in coffee. Caffeine is a drug like any other, and it has some adverse effects.

I like to quit caffeine completely every few months just to know I can. The funny thing is, I actually feel MORE energetic when I'm off caffeine. If you have a daily coffee habit, I suggest you try quitting it for at least a week. You might be as surprised as I was. And it makes sense too--kids under 18 generally don't drink coffee... why are they so energetic?

Reasons to quit caffeine

    1. No more caffeine crash

    It's different for everyone, but for me the crash comes about 3 hours after my last cup of coffee. I become useless unless I drink another cup.

    2. No more addiction

    There is some debate about whether it's truly addictive, but I know I get headaches and lethargy if I cut my caffeine intake too fast.

    3. Easier to travel without a coffee habit

    I try to cycle off of caffeine before any major travel. When I'm traveling, I often have no idea when I can get my next cup of coffee and how much caffeine will be in it. The unpredictability means I may have to deal with caffeine crashes, headaches, or insomnia during travel if I'm reliant on caffeine.

    4. Better sleep

    I've heard that any coffee you drink after about 2pm will probably affect your sleep negatively.

    5. Save money

    A Starbucks habit can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Even if you just buy Costco beans and make it at home, the costs can still be significant if you consider how much you're spending each year on a coffee habit.

    6. No more yellow teeth

    Yes, my teeth are yellow. I've learned to live with it as a fact of life. At least I don't have a job where people have to see my teeth all the time. If you have such a job, all the more reason to quit coffee.

    7. Brain Fog Reduction

    Dave Asprey promotes his Bulletproof brand of coffee beans because he claims most coffees have toxins that cause brain fog, but his doesn't. I can't vouch for whether this is true or not, but there are many people who claim that coffee causes brain fog, despite its reputation as a brain performance enhancer.

    8. Reduced Anxiety

    Caffeine can increase anxiety levels, making it difficult to relax.

    9. Improved Digestive Health

    My wife bought me a mug that says: "TODO LIST: 1. Wake up 2. Drink coffee 3. Poop 4. Be awesome" I guess it's no secret that drinking too much coffee can cause digestive issues.

    10. Better health?

    I had a Mormon roommate once who would criticize me for drinking coffee. Latter-day Saints (as I think they prefer to be called these days) have a prohibition against drinking alcohol and coffee in general, though I think it's a little more nuanced than that. I think it has something to do with avoiding mind-altering substances and taking care of your health. (interesting side note: I looked up my Latter-day Saint roommate recently, and apparently he moved to California and now enjoys craft beers and hiking with his husband).

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