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Nicola Fisher


Red Flags to look for with relationships/connections?

    1. Incongruous

    Trust your gut. If someone says one thing but their actions say something else, or if your intuition tells you something is off, trust it!

    2. Not as keen as you

    A positive relationship should be balanced. The other person should put as much into it as you do.

    3. Selfishness

    A relationship is give and take. If you're giving and they're taking, there's something wrong.

    4. No commitment

    If they can't commit now, they never will.

    5. Change

    You can't change someone. If you want to change someone, better to find someone else who you don't need to change. People don't change.

    6. Lies

    You don't always know someone is lying at the time. Sometimes it's in hindsight that you realise. But, if you find out someone has lied, it's not a good sign.

    7. Niggles

    If you have any sort of niggle, listen to it. The niggle is your friend trying to tell you something.

    8. You're not number one

    You don't want to be second best in a relationship. You want to come first.

    9. The chase

    If you're doing all the chasing, ask yourself why. Some people love the chase but don't want to settle down.

    10. Unavailable

    If someone is unavailable emotionally or physically, you're probably on a hiding to nothing.

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