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Rocco's Jokes - Part 8

The list goes on.

    1. Being Profesional

    I think it's important for men to be professional in the work place. This means no dating co workers. No matter how attractive they are. Should an attractive one join the company, I go out of my way to get them fired. The company then needs someone to do their job and that's where I jump in. I'll do it, for a pay rise. Suddenly I'm promoted, getting more money and she's jobless. I'm now in the perfect position to ask her out.

    2. Pirate

    I'm getting the jail for robbing ships, making people walk the plank and causing havoc in nearby ports. The worst part is it was a friend who turned me in. Upset? I'm angry, very angry. In fact - I'm p 'irate.

    3. Organ Donation

    I'm not donating my organs after I die. They're coming with me. They can have my pianos though, not like I'll be using them.

    4. Alone

    I use to work in a bank. My boss was a huge bully. Always picking on me and my workmates. After months of hell I walked into his office and demanded that he leave us alone. And he did. After 2 long years I've finally paid it off.

    5. Ice Cream

    Did you know - You have a higher chance of dying from covid that you do of finding a McDonalds with a working ice cream machine.

    6. Independence

    I met a lassie at the bar. I asked if I could join her for a drink, she said 'Yes. But please avoid the topic of independence' I replied 'no worries. That's fine. The only indy I'm interested in is getting indy your panties'

    7. Toilet Brushes

    I've never understood toilet brushes. In my 31 years of life I've never come across a toilet that had hair.

    8. My clone

    9. Cereal

    10. I Adore You

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