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Several ways to improve my yard work (mowing, weedeating, planting, weeding, etc)

I am averse to yard work. I just feel like it is a waste of time and something that should not be a social more if I choose not to pursue it. However, Homeowners Association rules require it. But more importantly, my wife requires it (to be honest she would gladly do it herself but I'm retired and embarrassed to have her do that instead of me). And I have plenty of time so I don't want to hire it done.

    1. Wear work-appropriate gear!

    Wear sunglasses, a hat, and gloves. Also, possibly, a bandanna to catch sweat. Sometimes I feel pretentious if my neighbors see me wearing gloves while mowing or weedeating but I've pinched my fingers enough times to know that gloves are effective in preventing minor damage caused by my reckless-yardwork attitude. I guess it is silly to care what they think but if I didn't have neighbors I wouldn't be mowing in the first place. Well, my wife would probably make me . . . .

    Sometimes I forget to put on all of this gear prior but when I realize that I'm working without some item of protection I stop and go get it.

    I mentioned the bandana as an afterthought but many people have allergies and a bandana doesn't restrict my airflow as much as a mask if I decide to pull it up over my nose and mouth. Plus, it makes me look gangster!

    2. Take a break

    Take a break. Maybe you are not tired. Just disgusted with having to do yard work. Go inside where it is cool and have a cool drink. Don't sit down; you're probably dirty and you don't want to get your furniture filthy. Plus, if you sit down it is harder to get re-motivated to go back outside.

    I have a sunroom which is okay to get dirty. I bring my ice water or gatorade or iced tea outside into the sunroom and can there survey my progress and calculate how much I have left to do. And how many minutes before I can get back to doing the fun stuff which does not involve the yard!

    3. Fill all your tanks BEFORE starting.

    Sometimes I used to begin pell-mell and I'd run out of fuel in just a few minutes. Better to check all fluid levels prior to cranking. Then I can complete the task without further interruption. Also, oil levels are often overlooked. Before starting your project is a good time to check and top off the oil, too.

    4. Listen to music. Headphones are your friend.

    I have tried listening to podcasts or talk shows while mowing or weedeating before but I thoroughly enjoy every nuance, comment, and sound and feel cheated if I miss any of the whole experience. So, for me, I put on a commercial free playlist and if the yard equipment is suddenly too loud my brain fills in the already-familiar songs so I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I once, by accident, added a song to my playlist which has a commercial at the end and now I've memorized the commercial, too. I just skip ahead when I get there . . . .

    5. Compost

    Earlier in 2022 I built a small, experimental compost box which is raised a couple of inches off the ground but doesn't have a bottom. We mostly meant it for food scraps but lately I've been dumping my lawn clippings in there, too. The heat helps break down the food scraps and covers them adequately so that I'm not attracting rabbits or mice. This creates less waste for me to dispose of even though my city comes and removes any yard debris properly bagged in those large brown paper bags

    6. Wear a different pair of shoes

    I have a slip on pair of yard shoes that I leave stashed in my sunroom. When I put them on it helps me get in the mindset of work even when I don't feel like it. I wear them from the very beginning as I'm getting my equipment out and I'm already ready to go when it comes time. Plus, I leave my inside shoes where the yard work shoes are and make a seamless transition when I need to go inside or when I'm done.

    7. Admire my progress & job well-done at the end

    I am always highly gratified when this chore is finished and I am glad I traded the hour or so doing all of the work up to this point. A freshly cut, well manicured lawn is very pretty, smells nice, and it is a great feeling to know that I won't have to do this again for 7 to 9 days!

    8. Take a cold shower afterwards

    Washing the grass & dirt off and having a fresh, clean, soapy scent makes me feel like the entire task has been completed and sense of satisfaction ensues!

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