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My store is coming together nicely. Here's some thoughts on how to improve things.


    1. Print on back of hoodies

    The front print is just too small.  Maybe I'll include a logo on the front.  I'll need to design a logo first.

    2. Instagram

    I'll need to share my store on Instagram.  Maybe I can share once a week so that I don't bother people too much.

    3. Posters

    Once I've sorted out clothes I'll need to get some poster's up for sale.  Seeing theses quote's daily will have a positive impact on your life.

    4. Theme

    I'll need to pick a theme and work on laying out my site soon.  I like the idea of lofi pastel like colours.  Do I have tabs based on each person eg. Marcus Aurelius - t-shirts, hoodies, ect.  Or do I Tab based on theme then clothing - stoic quotes -tshirt, hoodies ect.  Maybe I can do stoic quotes - Marcus Aurelius - t-shirts.

    5. Pdf

    I need to add a transparent background on my cap designs so that they can be embroided.  I also think these designs could work for simple mugs.

    My USP is that I'm adding something that can better your life,so how can I do this with caps?  Mugs I can easily add a quote.

    Maybe I can use the image as a simbol and provide a story behind it on the selling this owl represents wisdom.  Something we should never stop seeking....  I'm sure I can get an wi to write something better.

    6. New items each week?

    I'm not sure how quickly I should design.  No ones going to buy from my store on a weekly basis, are they?  Maybe I can update monthly instead.

    Do I delete old designs or do I keep everything up for good?

    7. Do the impossible

    I love giving myself challenges that seem impossible.  I taught English (my worst subject and ended up winning an award for being one of the best teachers in China), I published a book (and now have 3). I animated a music video myself (now I've done two).  And now I'm setting up an online store.  I may fail, but after a year of trying this alone should lead me to getting much better jobs/set me on a better path for my next business venture.

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