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Skills I need to gain /improve

What ares of my life do I need to work on? 

    1. Flirting

    Friends said this is the one thing holding me back. I'm good looking, funny, smart and incredibly humble. I just trip up with being flirtatious, too much and you're a creep, nothing and you're stuck in the friend zone. 

    Least I know what's been holding me back, I'll see what I can do. 

    2. Persuasion

    I've been looking back on my psychology notes and relised I've not put much to use. I also thought a book filled with biases and how to use them to your advantage would make a great book. 

    This will help me sell my books as well as myself. 

    3. Dating

    I've been out of the loop for a while now I'll need to up my game. A meal and a fun activities still good, right? 

    4. Art

    I love art so maybe I should be more specific and focus on one area. I love creating. Maybe I can work on graphics design and get some merch made. 

    5. Business

    I really want to run my own business, but I'm just not sure how to do sales. I can work hard to create masterpieces, showing the work said work is a lot harder. I also want to make extra cash so I can focus more on what I love. 

    6. Ukulele

    I love playing it, but I'm still at a beginner level. I can start focusing on timing and different strumming patterns. 

    7. Android development

    I'm not sure what type of app I'd want, but it would be cool to tell people I have my own app. How many folk can say that? 

    8. Martial Arts

    I did judo from 6 - 18 (a little longer, but not quite at the same pace due to university). I've done karate, Thai boxing, and Taikwando as well. It would be nice to get back and get my black belt in Judo. I think I could achieve that in a year after multiple training sessions each week. 

    9. Comedy

    Looks like the course I signed up for in whilst I'm at work so maybe I can find another one. 

    10. Modeling

    My online persona would quickly rise if I had nicer profile photos and I'm sure my reel life would improve as well if people saw my more handsome side. 

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