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Some funny experiences and stories I've heard

Some funny experiences and stories I've heard

    1. Tony

    In junior high school, a guy named G. caught his neighbor with a judo lock. He talked to his neighbor like some people do to imbeciles while that guy was whining and yelling: Are you alright, Tony? What's the matter, Tony?

    It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

    2. Are you gay?

    At school, we had a lecture by a worthy EU representative. Our teacher asked us to think of questions. My neighbor whispered in my ear: Are you gay?

    I laughed hard and couldn't stop.

    3. The bus driver

    I was a student on a bus going to karate practice. The bus driver was talking to a colleague over the radio. Suddenly there was a bang. The bus driver said very calmly: I just drove over a traffic sign, but I don't give a shit.

    All the people on the bus laughed.

    4. Poor kitty

    Our cat insistently slipped between my mother's legs until my mother accidentally stepped on the cat's paw. A little later, when the cat was limping a little, she said: What's the matter with you, kitty? Does your paw hurt?

    5. The dead farmer

    I only heard this story second-hand: In an inn in our village, a prankster said that a certain overweight old farmer from the neighborhood had died. Everyone present was persuaded.

    A little later, however, the allegedly deceased walked past the window of that inn.

    6. Unaccessible

    When I was in the military, we had an overweight corporal who wasn't very popular. We sat in a transport vehicle to go to some exercise. You had to climb onto the loading area of these vehicles using a kind of ladder. Someone asked from below if this corporal was in the vehicle. Someone replied: No pig can climb up here.

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