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Songs about places in the US

I'm trying to write a song where the premise is I am homesick for a lot of different places that I've never been but only have heard of in songs.


    1. Georgia on My Mind, Ray Charles

    "Just an old, sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind"

    2. Jersey Girl - Bruce Springsteen

    "I'm in love with a Jersey girl"

    3. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Sweet Home Alabama / "where the skies are so blue" or "lord knows I'm coming home to you"

    4. California Girls - The Beach Boys

    I wish they all could be California girls

    5. New York, New York - Frank Sinatra

    If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere

    6. Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley

    I'm just a devil with love to spare, viva Las Vegas!

    7. I Left My Heart In San Francisco - Tony Bennett

    Where cable cars climb halfway to the stars

    8. Houston - R.E.M.

    Houston is filled with promise

    Laredo is a beautiful place

    Galveston sings like that song that I loved

    9. L.A. Woman - The Doors

    L.A. woman Sunday afternoon

    10. Walking in Memphis - Marc Cohn

    Walking in Memphis / But do I really feel the way I feel?

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