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Start Young (but remember Colonel Sanders) -- life as a teenager

    1. Start training at a young age

    2. Explore the unknowns

    - hobbies, interests, groups

    3. My neighbor said I was too young (after)

    I spent time with my neighbor who was a Russian flight attendant -- she said "You're funny. Let's get pizza!" & 1 week later she left the country and never came back

    4. 2 Lingerie Parties

    - My buddy & I were 15 (he later taught himself blindfolded chess & programming) & 2 girls walk in wearing lingerie .. they say "do you guys wanna sniff drugs?"

    - The 2nd lingerie party was in college & I walk out of my dorm room into Starbucks -- 2 girls in front of me ask "what are you doing tonight?" my response "do you guys want to go to this lingerie party tonight?" they exchange looks "yes"

    5. Online gaming for money & 225+ beerpong matches

    - I was rolling dice in a game for hundreds of millions of virtual gold, at the time, I watched my 16 year old buddy (Asian guy) defeat the #2 NHL player in North America for $50 .. we were 16... we went on to play under top 200-300 clubs

    - Study & do the UNTHINKABLE.. I was playing on a private server & learned experienced players would stake for rare items. I trained to their EXACT stats, and learned a way to player join during their staking match. I was wearing Monk Robes & no weapon.. the time arrived & I capitalized. Equipped my hidden maul -- killed one of the stakers & within 1 week I had the rarest item in that game with an estimation of 3.5 billion gold. Minutes later, people were following me in game & asking for my skype ID>

    - RUN IT: We were playing competitive Call of Duty & we happened to try using a lag switch. We would communicate our routes during the lag periods and save ourselves from enemy fire

    - I met my match: an EA Sports employee or an unknown hacker? The defensman would get behind my player & the puck would disappear off my stick every time -- an exploit!

    - The night before my first pong tournament I was dancing with my buddy Mahal (won this tournament with the guy noted above) -- extra cash helps fund student expenses

    -- life as a teenager

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