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Stoic Reverse Clauses

I came across this concept in Ryan Holiday's Daily Stoic, and though I have seen some varying definitions on the Internet, I'm going to stick with his. I'm going to paraphrase it as should the worst case scenario occur, how would the situation be salvaged?

    1. If You Lose Your Job (Part 1)

    In the short term, you'll find time to rest and re-engage with hobbies, loved ones, etc.

    2. If You Lose Your Job (Part 2)

    You'll get another job. Maybe the pay will be better or it will be more enjoyable.

    3. If You Get Injured

    You'll be expected to do less, and have more time to read and learn

    4. If You Lose Your Mind (Cognitive Decline, Senility)

    Less is expected of you, and you can occupy your mind with simpler matters.

    5. If A Loved One Should Die

    Learning to live without them is a tough assignment, but one that can bring the survivors closer together. The purpose of death is to give life meaning.

    6. If Your House Burns Down

    You'll have finally decluttered and can live more minimalistically

    7. If You Go To Jail

    Work out. Make friends and learn how the other half lives.

    8. If You're Stuck In Traffic

    You can learn to slow down and deal with boredom - like a Zen Monk but probably more comfortably.

    9. If You're Stood Up On a Date

    You don't have to deal with a potentially unpleasant personality (especially one who is probably discourteous). You can spend more time with what should be your favourite person - you!

    10. If World War III Breaks Out

    Any worrying you did will have been justified. Any preparation you made might save you. If not, you don't have much more worrying or preparing to do anymore.

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