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Swimming at the Park Pt. 2

In this list we are going to explore the option of improving an existing pond (1.5-2 acres) for swimming at the local park. As always, thoughts and comments are encouraged.

Swimming at the Park Pt. 2

    1. 5 Positives of Swimming in the Pond

    2. Expense

    While money would still need to be spent, it would not be as expensive as building a new pool facility

    3. Space

    The space would come from one of two flattish muddy areas that already exist along the pond's edge. Either one would only be a small fraction of the green lawn space required for a pool

    4. The Ol' Swimming Hole

    Our surrounding area already has a few streams with official and unofficial swimming holes. The community also likes to promote its access to nature and outdoor activities. Improving the pond for swimming fits nicely into that larger picture.

    5. Access

    While access for those with disabilities would be assured with a pool as well; this access is much easier and simpler with "beach access"

    6. More ways to have fun.

    Masks, snorkels, fins, float toys are all more likely to be allowed at a pond than they are at a pool.

    7. 5 Negatives of Swimming in the Pond

    8. Safety

    This is highly debatable, and the studies are not conclusive. However, public perception is often that pools are safer than lakes / ponds with a beach.

    9. Less amenities

    Slides, diving boards, etc. are more difficult and less likely to be included in a pond front plan.

    10. How will the ducks feel about it?

    There is a concern that this would be very disruptive to the local duck population. However, few seem to care if it upsets the Canada geese. Most consider them unwelcome pests.

    11. Cleanliness

    Again, this topic is debatable. But it is certainly easier to maintain proper water parameters in a pool.

    12. Popularity

    It is believed that more people would use a pool than would avail themselves to a swimming area at the pond. So, if the park managers want to serve the largest number of people, a pool may be a better choice. Even if the swimming area would be less crowded and more comfortable.

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