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Synthesizing takeaways from the past week's self-evaluation

I've been doing weekly self-evaluation for about 6 years. It helps in many ways.

    1. House chores in the evening

    Among all the unwinding attempts in the evening, none worked more effectively than doing house chores while listening to recorded words. Some audio types help seem to help more than others.

    Caution to self: Don't try to optimize the audio. Let go.

    2. The evening journal

    It has been a little over a month of significantly simplifying the format. The current iteration is too lacking.

    Indication of lack: inadequate recall prompt during the weekly evaluation.

    3. Nothing

    I tried doing absolutely nothing--not even meditation--for a block of time on some evenings this week. At this point I won't try to explain why it feels good. I turn the light off and stare at the wall. I probably look insane. It feels good. I'll need a week or two of more trying to make adjustments.

    4. Spontaneity

    It was a good thing to consciously invite more spontaneity to at least week-to-week because day-to-day would actually be too demanding.

    5. If wanting to become #1 is my implicit qualifier for having found my next "thing", then maybe this is why my current endeavors feel inadequate.

    6. Funny thought while listening to a song mix: a lyric to one of the songs included, "You should be with me. Girl, you drive me crazy".

    Imagine being crazy was really an attractive feature in dating. A real, solid, legit crazy man comes along and argues, "you should be with me because I've been crazy long before this guy. I have independently driven myself crazy with zero supervision. Even when you're dead I'll still be crazy long after, and there is nothing you can do about it."

    7. Trailing thought from #6

    A copywriter hears him and says, "There is too much focus on your feelings. Don't sell the feature. Focus on your USP! How would your being crazy uniquely benefit them?"

    8. NotePD

    This is more fun than I thought.

    9. Ask the BJJ professor to allow me to sit out spars for a week so that I can heal my injury instead of quietly joining in. In 5 years, the greater regret will be worsening the injury.

    4 weeks of sparring without thumbs, recovering a little during the weekends, and then hurting again by middle of the week. No spars last week, and finally there is some noticeable improvement. What was I telling myself? Oh. Right. I told myself it's going to help when I have to fight on the ground without my fingers. I am wise.

    10. misc. win: started using Obsidian notes and some plugins.

    It loads fast.

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