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10 things a novice Pickle ball player should know

    1. Get up to the kitchen line as soon as possible and stay there

    This is the number one thing novice players have trouble with!

    2. Understand that the 'kitchen' is a no volley zone, not a no-go zone

    3. Stretch and warm up before the match

    While pickle ball was designed to not require super athleticism, it still is a sport

    4. Keep you eye on the ball

    Don't wait until the ball has come over the net before actually looking at it and deciding what to do. Watch the ball from the moment your opponent strikes it with their paddle

    5. Communicate , and work with your partner.

    Pickle ball is a team sport

    6. Remember that pickle ball is for recreational fun and govern yourself accordingly

    Unless , or course, you are playing for money !! Oh, and do not 'coach' your partner. If they want your help they will ask for it.

    7. Remember that pickle ball is not tennis or badminton

    In those sports, typically in doubles, you play front and back. In pickle ball you play side by side

    8. Understand the basic rules and how they were designed to shape the play

    On return of serve, the ball cannot be volleyed. Therefore , the serving team should not creep forward after they serve the ball, which is a common novice mistake

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