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Techniques to Keep Your Streak Alive

I told AI to paint me a streaker at a stadium: censorship!


    1. Post at the same time every day

    This does not have to be the same time forever just find something that works for your schedule. My time to post is before work in the morning. I usually take a few minutes and polish up a draft (see below). I have also started to use the desktop/web version for cleanup and posting: it is easier to use than the app.

    2. There is no quality without quantity

    If you write 10 ideas a day you will eventually have a good one. It is more important to generate the ideas and get used to getting them out. I always go for (at least) 10 ideas. As @JamesAltucher has pointed out ideas 8,9 and 10 are frequently the ones where you will have to dig deep and think hard. Sometimes this acts as a turbo boost and I get 13 -14 ideas. Since I joined NotePD about 7 months ago I have published over 2000 ideas. Many of my ideas have guided my own life in a positive way and somewhere in there is a really good idea or two.

    I have found variations of this advice in all creative endeavors: just keep doing it. Write, play music, make things, etc. Everything that you create will teach you something and nothing will be perfect. Many people that are remembered for their greatness are EXTREMELY prolific and don't necessarily hit everything out of the park: Mozart, Thomas Edison, Prince, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, etc.

    3. Commit to having a long streak but don’t stress if life gets in the way

    I had a 38 day streak when I first started and then fell off the wagon. As I let myself get further off track it was getting to be a number of days between lists. In 2023 I committed to posting every day. So far so good. If I need to take a break for whatever reason, I will. I lived without making lists before.

    Committing to a long streak has cause me to plan for it and execute it. Today I am at day 87 but I did not really have a great habit until about day 50 or so when I consciously started doing some of the things on this list.

    I would not have a long streak without a public commitment and planning ahead. I have a post that I am working on for my 100th day of a streak so I have a personal commitment to make it at least that far.

    4. Save early and often

    I just lost a 16 -idea response to this prompt because of technical difficulties in the iOS app. This is frustrating but I am a developer so I understand these issues and occasionally cause them.

    5. Keep a lot of drafts that are finished or near finished

    I currently have 24: 2 are ready to publish and probably 5-10 I will never publish and eventually delete.

    6. Don’t edit, judge or polish your list until you have at least 10 ideas

    The perfect is the enemy of the good enough

    7. Use the app on your phone

    This way you can work on lists during your downtime

    8. Commit to NotePD as your social media fix

    Instead of going on Twitter, Facebook or Quora spend time here.

    9. Pick a theme or 2 that you can always post about

    I am reading a lot of books this year so I keep "10 things I learned from XYZ" lists. I will have at least 100 of these lists by the end of the year. You could do the same thing for podcasts or music that you are listening to, etc.

    10. Silly lists are fun and usually easy and quick to make

    10 movies that should never be made, 10 gross ice cream flavors, 10 ways to hurt yourself as you get older.

    11. Advice lists are good: they are easier to write to someone else

    10 things I wish I knew when I was 10, 15,20,35, 75, years old. 10 ways to get the most out of XYZ.

    12. Lists to name things are easy

    10 death metal band names, 10 love song titles having to do with flowers, 10 names for a new kitten

    13. Keep churning out lists knowing that half of them will not be as good as the other half and that is ok…

    If you are struggling just knock it out and then consider that to be one of the lists that makes the top half possible.

    14. You can keep private lists for things I need from the store, 10 things to do this weekend, etc.

    these still count toward a streak!

    15. Do Research lists

    10 cities in Brazil, 10 historic battles in ancient Greece, 10 fruits that have less than 100 calories, etc.

    16. Branch off of someone else's list or idea

    Turn this into a draft. If you are using the app, save as a draft right away before you work on it. If you have the time or are inspired you can start right in.

    17. Use AI to help you or to create an entire list

    AI is here to stay and exploding in 2023. Start learning to use the tools or you will be left behind.

    18. Enter a challenge

    Like this one!

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