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Techniques to Keep Your Streak Alive

    1. Schedule

    I do this when we're travelling because, inevitably, we get busy and I could forget or just not have time to post.

    2. Private lists

    Sometimes when I'm less inspired, I will create a private list which can be easier than trying to write something for public consumption.

    3. Drafts

    When you get ideas, create drafts that you can work on when you're struggling to write a list.

    4. Log

    Keep a log of list ideas.

    5. Write short lists

    You only need 3 things to make a list. It doesn't have to be 10.

    6. Discipline

    Even when I've been ill, I've posted a list. It might only be a private list: 1. Got the flu, feel terrible, not eaten. 2. Having lots of hot drinks with lemon and honey. 3. Been in bed all day, hoping to feel better tomorrow. Etc.

    7. Streak

    The streak motivates me. I've had some days when I've thought, OK, I'll break my streak. But then I think about tomorrow and waking up to a broken streak and it keeps me going.

    8. Community

    This is a big one. Being inspired and motivated by others and the sheer breadth of ideas that everyone comes up with.

    9. Challenges

    When I've had no ideas of my own challenges have helped. They've given me an idea to work on.

    10. Branch off

    If you read someone else's list and think it's a cool idea, you can branch off and write your own list on a similar theme.

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