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Techniques to Keep Your Streak Alive

I'm sincerely impressed by how so many of you are able to keep such insane streaks on NotePD.

I accidentally broke mine, but it landed on my lucky number 42, so I'm cool with it.

What techniques or methods do you use to keep your list-making streaks alive?

    1. Make your lists as public as possible

    This seems counter-intuitive. But I think when people can see your lists, they are more likely to engage with them. And if you publish a list and no one interacts on it, then you can delete it and start over (see below).

    2. Make them interesting

    If you are going to make a list that is "10 reasons why X" then at least try to make X different than the last ten lists like this. Or find some new angle or new information about X. This doesn't always work but I've found that usually people will interact if your list is an interesting read.

    3. Use images

    People like images.

    4. Don't be afraid to delete/restart a streak if it's not working out for you.

    5 Sometimes streaks don't work out because they aren't really what you want to be writing about at that moment in time. That's ok! Delete the streak and start over again later when you have something more relevant to say about that topic.

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