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Ten Ideas List the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 5/17/23

I saw James A.'s TedX talk and wanted to just throw some ideas out into the world. Maybe they will inspire someone or even myself :). Going to try to do this as often as possible just to help me think and create. Please comment and add your ideas as well.

    1. Transformers

    The tech and building processes for transformers is 100 years old. Where is the new tech to update transformers and where is the next Tesla to rethink these as he did so long ago. Open to work with any engineer on this if you have time and a want to do so.

    2. Communal farming

    The stores and big business have capitalized on inflation and the pandemic to raise prices unreasonably and they won't be coming down. Communal farming was a thing years ago and was mostly killed via cost/benefit analysis by the general consumer. This no longer is the case and could even be done better today with the technology we have. Would be willing to work with any community or person on this idea to bring this to as many people as possible. Healthy, cost effective, readily available food that is not impacted by global supply chains and big business.

    3. Training in the nuts and bolts of business

    So many come out of college and just don't know the nuts and bolts of how to do things or the pitfalls of the working world. The simple things they don't teach you. How to have a meeting, how to whiteboard, how to write an email, how to talk with your boss or your reports, how to negotiate, how to match your vision with a job or even your own business, etc. etc. I would be willing to help anyone that needs it here. This knowledge I have and can share and mentor. I am working on a book about this as well because its just lost in business today.

    4. Entrepreneurship training for kids

    There is not enough on this topic. I am working on a program for this with my kids as guinea pigs. So far we have a digital entrepreneur (youtube, twitch, etc.) and a physical product entrepreneur (bubble gum). If you ever want to know what you don't know or thought you knew. Teach and better yet teach children, talk about instant, honest feedback. Whoa. Not for the faint of heart or thin skinned. Willing to work with anyone on this that needs help or has ideas.

    5. Disruption

    Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. are all ripe for disruption, So many tech teams of great talent are being let go. Now is the perfect time to enlist these groups and create disruption. Willing to work with anyone crazy enough to take on what people think are the giants that can't be touched.

    6. Master Mind Group Social Media Website

    There are many sites trying in different ways to achieve this but its chaotic at best. Creating that true hive mind with different individuals that are from all over to be objective would be ideal. Willing to work with anyone interested in this idea.

    7. Tires

    The tech really hasn't grown in years. Sure there have been slight advancements but no real radical shift. Idea for shift, cost effective, long lasting (like ridiculously), ride enhancement (traction and comfort), fuel impact. Don't know tires but would love to work this idea with anyone.

    8. Airplanes/Airports

    Everything really, the plane should totally be rethought. Old tech, seats are horrible, ride is poor, same speed of travel for years, climate control is poor, food is poor, airports are just as bad and again should totally be rethought. Layout, options, climate control, baggage handling, security, etc. Willing to work with anyone on this.

    9. Email

    Has email and the process of email not evolved, really evolved since it's inception. It's still just like writing a letter just faster delivery and some fancy tools. There has to be a better way, i just haven't come up with new ideas on this. I am thinking, make it simpler. Most don't want more complicated, at least i don't.

    10. 3d printing

    Such unlimited potential for this tech and it just stalled. Willing to work with anyone with new fresh ideas to revive this tech and make it flourish.

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