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Ten meanings of life

No particular order, a lot will be quotes that have made me reflect on something I should value more.

    1. Friendship

    Most people would put family first, but that's easy. They people who choose to be in your life, and treat like you're family, those people are just as special as the ones you get at birth. The one's you get for life are the ones who make growing old fulfilling. Shared experiences and mutual maturity is some of the best connection we get as humans.

    2. Family

    Ride or dies. Unconditional love its not to be undervalued and most don't but its important to remind yourself of the value it brings to your life as it's also one of the most we take for granted.

    3. Laughter

    Nothing melts away the insecurities of life and puts you in the present quite like laughter.

    4. The purpose of life is to enjoy it.

    Tucker max quote and one i think about often when i'm having a hard time. Makes me grateful for what i do have and enjoy and refocus on what is important to get out of a funk.

    5. Kindness

    Gary Vee preaches is but there's no reason to not be kind. Doesn't mean being a pushover but lead with kindness. Golden rule remains as true today as it ever was.

    6. Generosity

    Give more than you receive, give without expecting anything in return. Give unconditionally and generously and good things will come the best of which is the fulfillment you get from helping others.

    7. Community

    Louis C.K. quote to his daughter - we don't look in other people's bowls to see how full theirs is, we look to make sure they have enough. Find your tribe, help each other out and realize that connection, community and and a giving mindset are key to a happy fulfilling life.

    8. Rest and Relaxation

    Our purpose isn't to go go go go all the time. It's to wrk hard to put ourselves in a position of comfort and stability to spend quality time with ourselves and others enjoying the short time we get to experience consciousness.

    Sleep is key to life!

    9. Nature/Exploration

    we forget we are animals sometimes and we spend so much in the concrete jungle in our steel boxes. Part of life is enjoying what the world has to offer you. Getting outside, exploring new places, trying new foods. Life is about discovery. Experiences and memories are really the only currency we get rewarded with.

    10. <3

    Love Love Love, love is all you need - some beatle.

    Give it, receive it, grow it. This is the one that makes getting up worth it.

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