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Ten Places That Influenced My Life

Most of this list is about places I have lived for extended periods. Let's face it, spending significant time in a place will influence you!

    1. Agincourt

    Where I grew up. Suburbs and the importance of ethnic diversity.

    2. Waterloo

    My undergraduate education is the most significant influence on my career direction and some crazy university years are always fundamental.

    3. Braunschweig

    A one-year exchange during undergrad. I had visited family in Germany many times prior to this, but living and studying independently did more for my understanding of the European lifestyle than much else.

    4. Leeds

    Grad school in a foreign country. I still have a great fondness for the UK.

    5. Downtown Toronto

    The first home I owned was a condo apartment that was not downtown, but being on the subway line and having a job in the core allowed me to be a young urbanite and see some hip places.

    6. Mississauga

    Where we started living as a family. Back to the sub-urbs, this time as a husband and parent.

    7. Berlin

    Of all the places in Germany that I've spent time in, this is probably the one with the most time racked up when totalled up. Again, living somewhere as a parent provides a different perspective.

    8. Abbotsford

    Our home is in British Columbia. Small-town, rural and less diverse than where I grew up.

    9. Guelph

    I did a co-op work term here for 4 months, and it was my first time living in a non-dorm home with other students

    10. Ottawa

    I did another co-op work term (my final one) in the nation's capital. Being the capital, it punches above its weight regarding cultural institutions and services and the high-tech sector made for a higher nerd demographic.

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