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Ten reasons why you should be a guest on James Altucher's show.

    1. Share 'The Rocco Effect' Comics

    I haven't seen anything similar. Short comics that share advice on how to live a happier life. I could share what lead me to creating them and my future plans.I could share stories on how they've helped others and the 2 books I've published based on them.

    The Rocco Effect -

    2. NotePD King

    I've got one of the highest idea counts on here and if it wasn't for missing one day I'd have one of the highest streets as well. I've been here since the start. I could explain how it's benefited my life and the different type of lists that I do (Informative, journals, diary, fun, projects ect.)

    3. Comedy

    I've written a lot of jokes over the last few years. I could share my process. I haven't hit it off so maybe this would be boring to listeners, then again tracking someones progress from the start might make for an interesting series.

    4. School 2.0

    This would be the most interesting area. I like to imagine what school 2.0 would look like. Schools now are outdated and a drastic change is needed to reflect the new world that we live in.

    School 2.0 -

    5. How to live a happier life

    when we were younger me and my brother always argued over what was more important, money or happiness. He said money and I said happiness. When I turned 28 I went on a quest to see what lead to a happier life. This lead me to reading tons of books, listening to podcasts, journaling, meditating, working on projects and watching my thoughts. Once I found what worked I started sharing the best advice with others and that eventually lead me to creating my 'The Rocco Effect' comics. I then made tons of short videos explaining different ways to live a happier life.

    How to live a happier life -

    6. Psychological Biases and how to wield them

    I'm working on a new book with this premise. We all make stupid decisions. Often this leads to anger and upset, which we all want to avoid. My book will explain why we make stupid decisions, how to reduce our chances of making them and how you can use them to your advantage.

    For example - Shark bites and ice cream sales share a similar graph. Low, gradual rise, then a dip back to the low point Do ice cream sales = Shark bites. That's what the data shows right? If we ban ice cream sales no-one will get bit. Problem solved. This obviously isn't true, were forgetting other factors that may play a part, like the amount of sunshine. If it's sunny we want to swim and eat ice cream. Next time you see a correlation be sure to think twice before assuming one caused the other.

    7. Popeman and Choirboy

    Once I've published the greatest comic ever made everyone will want to talk to the genuis mind behind it. I wanted to make a comic where everyone is based on stereotypes. Hopefully I'll be able to publish it this year. 

    Popeman (draft) -

    8. China

    I lived in China for 4 years. I'm sure I could think of some fun stories from my time out there. 

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