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James Altucher


Ten Science Fiction or Fantasy novel ideas

Responding to a challenge. If you haven't seen the other responses you should. There are some great ideas for novels

    1. The Halfling

    Half-human, half vampire, Jacob sleeps all day and hacks all night and never ages. The government wants him after he hacked some of their secrets. Vampires want him dead because they only like pure bloods. And all he wants is to figure out what is human inside of him.

    2. The Anti-Christ

    The Vice-President of the United States suddenly realizes that after a life of public service and reaching the second highest office in the country, that he is the Anti-Christ. And he has a mission.

    3. Wake Up

    James wakes up one day and finds five tickets by his bed. He realizes (through using one of the tickets) that each ticket can be used to go to any point in time he wants for 24 hours. After the fifth ticket he will only have 24 hours to live after he is back from that particular time travel.

    How does he use the tickets?

    4. Jedi on Earth

    Mary has run away from the Jedi when Palpatine orders their destruction. She makes her way to modern day Earth and has to set up life as an ordinary person on Earth, but with the responsibilities and powers of a Jedi

    5. Seth

    Jack meets Seth in a homeless shelter. Seth says he's a fallen angel sent to learn a lesson but he's not sure what the lesson is. Jack wants to use Seth's angelic powers to make himself money. But other people get the same idea. Meanwhile, Seth starts to inadvertently get followers.

    6. Last Year

    Shirley dies. Then wakes up exactly one year earlier. She gets to live the last year of her life over. Then she dies. Then she wakes up exactly two years earlier and gets to live that year. Until she is born. During this time she accidentally finds one other person on Earth who is living through the same experience she is. They fall in love. Hilarity ensues.

    7. Last Day

    Simon wakes up every morning in a new body. It's the last day that body will be alive. Over and over, Simon lives the last day of other people's lives, making amends, or doing whatever it takes to make sure that person's final few moments are at peace. He has no idea why he has been chosen for this task and when it will end. It's like Groundhog Day meets Death.

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