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Ten things to NOT do in the mornings for a great day

    1. Check emails

    Especially work emails. Emails represent an ask from you and rather than thinking about all the things you have to do, why not start with a blank slate? You're like Charlie Munger right - you sell yourself the best hour of every day so don't spend that hour making someone else money.

    2. Check social media

    Do you know what's better than seeing all these pictures and news items of things that make you envious of their success? Ignoring all that and achieving your own success whatever that means.

    3. Eat a greasy breakfast

    Oh it tastes so good but then I feel like going back to sleep after and my mornings are shot.

    4. Work on easy tasks

    My mornings are where I feel I have the most energy and motivation to accomplish my hardest tasks. Why waste it on easy things like checking email or brainless activities?

    5. Be a slouch

    How would you feel after you have watched 8 hours straight of TV? You'd probably want to get up and stretch. So why don't you feel like getting active after 8 hours of sleep?

    6. Watch Youtube

    YouTube, while fun and helps pass the time, is designed to capture your attention and never let it go. Don't get sucked into YouTube by not watching it in the first place.

    7. Do whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like it.

    The most successful people have a plan of attack for their day. If they're really successful, they have plans that have been made weeks or months in advance. They don't need to think about what to do next - everything's been scheduled for them which makes the doing a lot easier.

    8. Check your smartphone

    Messages, emails, social media, games, other entertainment apps - none of that will help you have a good morning. All of them are designed to capture your attention.

    9. Be serious

    If I can spend a bit of my time in the morning smiling, laughing or otherwise being in a good mood, I find that it helps set the tone for the rest of my day.

    10. Be anxious

    Instead, be grateful. Anxiousness is a function of something you're worried about in the future (and typically it's something you need, or want, or desire). Why not practice gratitude instead? It's likely cheaper and it'll help you get into the mindset of abundance.

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