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The 10 +1 +1 more lessons from the power of one more The James Altucher Show podcast with Ed Mylett Thank you both this podcast changes my life

I have listened to this pod cast seven times and it still gives me goose bumps

    1. Stretching time by putting more days into 24 hours it's something I have thought about but this was actionable

    There are so many actions to make time more available

    2. The power of doing one more thing stretching myself and transforming the mediocre

    I am doing this and it compounds wow it's doing it in less than a week but I am not to hung up on the outcomes

    3. My f*ck ups and my Survival lessons then become salvation to others facing what I feared

    It our vunerability and facing our shame that will connect us to others

    4. Tie my confidence to my good intentions from the Man himself Wayne Dyer

    I spent a life time not feeling good enough when all I wanted to do was laugh and connect with others. Those are my intentions so I put my confidence in the

    5. I am so close the next day or week or month will be life changing for me.

    The realisation that I thought I have been getting no where since I first read choose yourself guide to wealth in August 2015 .But I am so close

    6. Using Imagination and creativity and action to discover great things in life and about my self

    All that time wasted with poor thinking instead of utilizing all these crazy thoughts and ideas that make me laugh

    7. Becoming that person who has done the inconvenient things in his life rather than taking the easy path

    I had a vision of him and he is awesome

    8. Give my spin on things what worked for me don't story tell for validation tell the truth

    Don't weaken the message by following the well trodden trope

    9. Celebrate those individuals who are real heroes in my life they were ordinary people whose brave decisions have given me a great start

    I dedicate this idea to my Mum thank you for your sacrifice

    10. The reticular activating system open sesame moment to the matrix

    I have blinded myself to the poor opinion I had of myself, I now see what those thought denied me.

    11. I need to put these ideas into immediate action and practice the books in the UK in July but I am using this podcast to drive forward

    It's rewiring my brain how can one podcast that was relatively short contain such wisdon

    12. WTF another idea that I focus on this process of one more from now on

    I should be in bed but sometimes it's worth doing actions with meaning

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