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The 10 Worst Jobs I Can Imagine

Hate your job? Maybe it's best to be grateful for what you have.

Unless, of course, you have one of these jobs.


    1. Politician.

    Most people get into politics ostensibly to make the world a better place, but ultimately they end up succumbing to begging for money for their next election, non-stop rubber chicken dinners, and eventually having to become professional liars. They also get to have the great glory of being despised by 49% of the public at all times.

    2. The people who have to clean up crime scenes.

    No thanks.

    3. The people who have to clean port-o-potties.

    REALLY no thanks.

    4. Telemarketer.

    Not all telemarketing jobs are terrible. I had a pseudo telemarketing job once upon a time and it wasn't bad at all. It helped that what I was pitching was interesting and desirable to most of the target audience. But, usually, these jobs consist of pitching completely useless products or services. Having to "smile and dial" a hundred times a day and be rejected 99 of those times for the crap vacuum cleaner you're trying to pitch sounds like hell to me.

    5. Coal miner.

    This is back-breaking labor that pays nothing and is proven to shorten people's lives - if you manage to not get killed on the job.

    6. Proctologist.

    Enough said.

    7. High-rise window washer.

    It must take nerves of steel to do this job.

    8. The guy who has to dress as a clown at kids birthday parties.

    I'm pretty sure if you do this job long enough you become a serial killer or a child molester. Not a good profession.

    9. The guy who has to dress as Santa Claus at the local shopping mall every year and have snotty kids sit on his lap all day asking for useless toys.

    There cannot be a single thing fun about this job. Plus, how much money could the mall possibly pay you? $10 an hour?

    10. The guy they call in to diffuse a live bomb.

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