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The ego wins...again

    1. When the world does you "wrong", you believe you should sever ties.

    Every perceived wrong has to do with the body.
    Love is asking you to go beyond form.

    2. When you believe someone did you wrong your ego wins.

    Nothing good will ever come out of making yourself right and another wrong.

    3. Your ego has made a declaration that Love says is untrue.

    God cannot create unlike itself.

    4. Love is not asking you to be the bigger person. Love says you are that person.

    When you make someone your enemy the only thing to do next is attack.

    5. You are mistaken because you believe the other has changed you.

    How can you change the unchangeable?

    6. What Love created is perfect and there's nothing you or anyone else can do to change this Truth.

    Love created you loving.
    Love created you peaceful.
    Love created you whole.
    Love created you holy.

    7. Your ego is now your master because it controls your mind and plays with your emotions.

    This is a mind game we're playing not a body game.
    The body is an obedient servant.

    8. Others are not enemies they are your master because they managed to take you away from love.

    They say "jump" and you say "how high?"

    9. Your body is riddled with so much negative emotions you can barely think straight.

    Holding onto grievances of any magnitude will always cloud your judgment.

    10. But you allowed your ego to rule.

    It's high time you tame that sucker.

    11. You think you're the man now.

    Being unkind, unfriendly, unhappy, and salty is not very becoming I'm sure you'll agree.

    12. Just wait until you add compassion and empathy to the mix.

    Now you're on to something to write home and tell momma about.

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