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The James Altucher Show: The Fifth Agreement!

I've loved the Four Agreements for many years. I was aware of the Fifth Agreement but I never read it. Again this podcast was filled tons of juicy nuggets. Each podcast, as I've said before, is like a Masterclass On Life. Some of the things in my list your ego is have a hissy fit when read but that doesn't matter. Try it and see if works.

    1. Be impeccable with your word. When words leave your mouth make them loving, caring, and nurturing.

    2. Don't take anything personally. If it's a gift that you do not enjoy, let it remain with the giver. Please don't accept it and then chastise the giver.

    3. Don't make assumptions. We're inaccurate 99% of the time because it's impossible to make sense of all the information we receive through watching movies, TV, computers, cell phones, tablets, billboards, and many other gadgets.

    4. Always do your best. My best and your best is always a loving thought, word, or deed towards yourself or someone else.

    5. Be skeptical but learn to listen. Be skeptical about how much you think that you know that you don't. All of us have equal wisdom.

    6. Use honey - 100% of the time - it ALL - WAYS works.

    7. If someone uses vinegar or presents themselves in a vinegarized (made up term) way, use honey to demonstrate what's possible for them and maybe they will mimic your behavior but even if they don't at least one of you were sweet.

    8. I don't when humans are going to figure out that ingesting poison (hatred, envy, jealously, cruelty, grievances, etc.) and expecting other people will get sick never works.

    9. We make up stories and then we believe them. Our identity is a false sense of self that is nothing more than a collection of stories that have nothing to do with what is Ultimately True.

    10. Words are but symbols of symbols and they are twice removed from reality yet we hold onto and cherish them like works of art. Suffering is unnecessary.

    11. Look inside of yourself for happiness not to things outside.

    12. Truth is that which never changes. It if changes, it ain't True. There are millions of houses built on sand. The rock is truth and the sand is everything that you've made up.

    13. All of life is beautiful, including all people, if would just change our perception of what they are instead of who you believe them to be. This in itself would be a miracle.

    14. If you go out in the jungle and come back you have medicine (wisdom to impart to others)

    15. If you go out in the jungle and make it back you have medicine (wisdom to impart to others)

    16. Most people walk around life looking for a dark nest. Don't believe me? Look around you today and just observe what people say and do.

    17. We bring our dead dreams (past) into our living dream (the present moment). You can't serve two masters.

    18. You don't take things personally because all your life you've been taking things personally and it hasn't worked. Stop analyzing the Four Agreements and use them.

    19. It's more difficult to take something personally than it is to not take things personally but you've never tested it so you wouldn't know.

    20. It takes TWO to go to WAR. A person that goes to war with himself -- either we ignore or institutionalize him.

    21. You don't have to be an alchemist to turn so-called bad experiences into medicine....just stop labeling your experiences as bad and simply choose another experience.

    22. What you do for another you do for yourself. What you fail to do for another you fail to do for yourself.

    23. Every behavior is black or white. It's an expression of love or a call for love.

    24. Every human being is an artist and it is you are the one that is turning them into a sinner or a saint.

    25. We love making others wrong so that we can sit on our high throne and be right.

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