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The Modern Gold Rush: Ten Ways To Think Like LeviStrauss & Make Bank

    1. Social Media

    Instead of becoming an influencer sell to them!

    The Good News

    You follow them because they make you feel a certain way or give you great insight into things you find fascinating. Or you have your reasons but ask yourself why you follow them and use that to come up with ideas.

    Make a spreadsheet of your favorite accounts from all social media accounts you follow. The important part, (they gotta be the people you just can't go a day without checking up on) NOT just your friends or family. Because you like them so much, you'll more likely find your win. Kind of like "doing the thing you would do without getting paid."

    Watch them, but really watch them. If you've been following them for a while you probably have a good idea about the kind of person they are. Make an idea list next to each influencer and think, "what do they consistently do, say or ask for."

    The Bad(ish) News

    You probably aren't going to sell them anything right away. BUT, they aren't that unique. There are thousands of second-tier influencers just like them who would jump right into the DMs with you. THEY are your target.

    Go Get'em Tiger!!!

    2. 8 Influencer Market Ideas

    3. The Deal Maker

    Sports and Fitness

    This is a huge category and there are a million types of products these healthy, happy, wholesome or body-centric influencers promote.

    Idea - Going from the list you've created let's say you've found your guy or gal and they always promote gym clothes. While they may be making money now, down the line they'll need to keep sourcing new sportswear to show off and recommend.

    Promote yourself as a fashion brand for the ___________ type of influencer they are. Explain the above (they should have their own brand) and that you help influencers "just like them" start building their own brand.

    Keep doing this until you find a partner

    4. The Connection

    Vibing off of podcast #1014 of the JAS podcast. Start thinking of wild and crazy ways you could bring seemingly different "realms of influence" together. Make it so the connection between them is beneficial for them both, a win-win. Your win comes later. Rack up enough connections until you have a list of people who love you.

    Then reach back out to the connections you made happen.

    "Hey remember when I introduced you to __________?" They'll probably say something like, "oh, yeah we did XYZ, it was great!"

    Tell them what you are doing and ask if they wouldn't mind being a reference for your business. This is also a win for them because they get to be seen as the rock-star cool guy/gal, helpful and nice.

    5. The Reality of Digital

    Taking your "List of Influence" make another idea list (Bonus! Use NotePD) and find out what influencers have in common with local businesses near you.

    Find the businesses that have little to no social media presence but you know they could market their products on __________ platform because you've done your research. (The List)

    Strike a deal and wallah!

    6. Competitor Play

    Using the same model as #5 ๐Ÿ‘†. Instead of being the guide, you are now the informer. Find two similar businesses which one has a presence on social media and the other. . . not so much. Show the numbers and amount they are selling and you are just the person to help them out. For a fee of course. They won't mind after you show them all the money they've been leaving on the table.

    7. A Product You Know Will Win

    Companies pay good money for writing up case studies.

    8. NotePD Premo ๐Ÿ’ฒ

    James Today Made a post here where a New Feature is coming to NotePD!!!

    You have the ability to make some dough using your ideas. AMAZING!

    Fire Up those Synapses Y'all

    Ps. Wonder if there will be a crypto option or a James coin๐Ÿค”?!

    9. NotePD (Give and Gain: Ideas)

    Forge your idea muscle using NotePD and give some of those great ideas away.

    As spoken a million times by the Idea Man Himself, share your ideas and ya might get a lil somthin-somthin as a kickback.

    Shout out to Codie Sanchez of Contrarian Thinking - I read a post where a guy found her a deal that made her money and he got his cut (10k or so).

    10. Make it a Win Win

    All around make it a win-win and it's sure to be a win-win-win

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