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Introducing The NotePD Game Show!

Got an idea idea for a notePD youtube challenge gameshow. You could take the top 16 contributors each month (Top 4 of 4 various categories, no repeats) and have them go on a tournament style show. Set up a challenge bracket and have the teams do a show where they come up with ideas on the spot moderated by a host. Here are the brainstorms of ideas and rules around the show, how to record it, distribute it, promote it, and grow it.

    1. Main Concept

    Host a gameshow recorded on zoom where contestants battle to see who is the true idea machine. Taken from the top users on the site across 4 category metrics you do a bracket tournament each month of 16 contestants. You have a 12 tourney season that culminates with alive in person battle for the idea machine champion. Each game will consist of 3 rounds of various idea generating challenges where contestants test both how quickly they can come up with ideas, how many ideas they can generate and a battle round where face eachothers prompts.

    2. Bracket Style Showdown.

    Choosing the 16
    16 contestants a month chosen by 4 categories/metrics. Top 4 most shared users that month, top 4 most favorited lists that month, top 4 commented lists, top 4 followed users that month.

    How it progresses
    Single elimination style bracket for each month

    16 games, 2x posted week gets you 16 shows a month to post. Can be recorded in batches if practical though. distribution works to 2 releases per week. Single elimination style (see image attached)

    Tie Breakers - handled in game. Leaderboard for the season, to 12 make playoffs, tie breaker for seeding explained in scoring.

    Leaderboard kept across season, contestants can repeat month to month, weighted scoring determines playoffs seed (see scoring) Once a year host a playoffs and crown a champion. Live event in person, give out a trophy, spray champagne, celebrate it like you won the a championship cause you did.


    3. Game Show Concept - Whats the game

    3 Rounds - A quantity round, a speed round and a mono vs mono prompt round (placeholder names)

    Quantity Round
    Contestants Get Three Minutes to come up with as many ideas as they can on the spot on a host provided prompt. They will each have the same theme of prompt but the prompts will be different so there is no advantage to who goes first. Person with the highest quantity of qualifying ideas win. (if you say something that doesn't meet the prompt criteria it will be discounted. Ex: if you need to make up new sports teams in city-mascot format and you say the coal mine miners that won't count. Cleveland coal miners would. Expert Judges discretion
    (See scoring notes- for playoff/leaderboard rankings Judges will pick their five favorites after the round. Score Bonus to contestant who gets more favorites)

    Speed/lightning Round- this is a back and forth round hockey shoot out style it keeps going until someone misses. The host gives an open ended prompt and the first contestant gets ten seconds to say an idea for the prompt. Then it passes to the other contestant to say a new idea in ten seconds. Back and forth it goes until it someone times out.

    Bonus Rounds - TBD but playoffs should have a round that regular season doesn't.

    Tie-Breakers - if contestants points tie after the rounds a second speed round for the tie breaker.

    4. Game Prompts

    Community Submissions
    -users submit prompts within a theme/genre
    -example "sports" theme, round type: speed/lightning round - prompt: make up new sports teams in a city mascot format ex: tallahassee terriors

    each week a challenge prompt on the site could be for submissions for prompts around themes for each type of rounds. Use the voting/like system to pick for the show.

    Expert Submissions
    Have judges or top contributors submit prompts for each round type.

    Mono a Mono Prompt
    - Each contestant comes with a prepared prompt for the other contestant. Whoever can come up with more ideas on the spot in (60 seconds?) wins the round.

    5. Scoring

    Quantity vs quality ranking
    Quantity rounds. Seperate Prompts but same "genre". 1 point per idea

    -judges pick their 5 favorite ideas of each round. contestant with the most favorites gets extra ten points for that round.

    Audience Favorite
    after episode airs, audience votes on their favorite for the episode, favorite get 25 points added to their point total for the leaderboard for the playoffs

    Weighted Seeding
    For playoffs, number of favorites goes for tie breaker after audience favorite. Players of equal rank the one with more favorites by the judges in their episode gets the spot. If still tied, person with more quantity gets the spot. Contestants that play multiple games will have their stats averaged out.

    6. Playoff Live Shows?

    Zoom Regular Season
    Host shows over zoom "the dozen" style (barstool sports sports trivia youtube show). Its got buzzers, gameboard, video, audio all there. Copy their production and distribution methods.

    Once a year host in person playoffs. 12 Winners (if repeat winners then go to leaderboard to get a top 12) Single elimination bracket.

    Make it an event people can come to. live show with live contestants, judges, host and crowd. Streamed live and recorded for posting.


    7. Prizes?

    Everyone loves a prize for winning. Maybe its benefits on notepd, maybe the ad revenue can be used for a prize pool (after production costs).

    Playoffs winner gets either a big ass trophy or a wrestling belt gets handed to the champion .

    8. Guest Pool

    Get guests with followings for exposure and for special games.

    Guest judges vs expert judges
    James and a Guest judge(s) idea qualities and give feedback american idol style. Fills out the show a bit and gives insights and expansion of how ideas could be used in real world for better engagement. Could

    9. Marketing

    Guest Promotions
    Have on guest contestants have them promote they were on the show, tweet when it airs etc

    Share Campaigns
    Incentivize fans to share with contests, prizes for most subscribers sent to the channel

    Sponsor Shares
    Whoever the episode sponsor is should promote the show then their ep airs.

    Paid Ad Buys
    Ad buys on other YT shows (the dozen, video podcasts, trivia shows tbd).
    YT FB INSTA TikTok Ads

    Organic Marketing (jab jab jab Right Hook Style)
    YouTube - full eps, round clips, highlights
    FB - full eps, round clips, highlights
    Instagram - round clips (reels) highlights (stories and posts)
    TikTok - Highlights weird edits tik tok style.

    10. Monetizing

    Show Sponsors
    Wear their swag, highlight brand or product with one minute spot before the show. Swag on desks etc. Logo under ours on feed.

    Patreon/substack/ internal subscription (1$ an episode?)(ad free)
    subscribers should get a benefit of getting videos early and void of ads.

    Ad reads/breaks btw rounds
    15 second spots

    YT Ad Revenues

    Sponsored Ideas
    -Lets say toyota wants to sponsor a lightning round. Well we give a prompt, what are the benefits of a toyota and the contestants go back and forth, ten seconds to answer, until someone cant come up with an idea in time.

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