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The Power of No - Second: The No That Brings True Love, Creativity, and Abundance - 5 Insights

Bring - cause (someone or something) to be in a particular state or condition.
How can I cause love? Love Is. Love will always be. Love is all there is.

    1. Love is not a skill that I learn or acquire.

    Love says, "you got me all wrong".
    I am Love. I don't have to look for love, it's been here all the time.
    The only thing that prevents me from seeing love are the blocks that I have.
    God is love so it would stand to reason that I am love too.
    If I'm not love, then what am I?
    Love is - all there is.....everything else is just a hallucination.

    2. There are no "wrong" people.

    The biggest problem that I've ever had in life is seeing myself separate from you.
    I either place myself above you (exalt myself) or place myself below you (demean myself).
    I believe you're the wrong type of person. Where did you come from? I certainly cannot let you into my space because you would somehow taint my precious little world.
    What I FAIL to realize is that you are the same kind of different as me.
    You are never the problem...what I think about you and how I treat you is where the problem lies and the only place it can healed.
    The kind of life I choose to live has nothing to do with you (Thank God) because if I were waiting for you to be different so that I could be happy --- I'm insane.

    3. What I've called love is not real love - it's attachment.

    My special relationships have been a convenient place to hide.
    We were like two kids masquerading as adults.
    All of my special/romantic relationships have been largely based on guilt, fear, and projection. I wrote script after script hoping, praying and begging that she could and would play the roles that I had assigned to her to perfection and when she failed I axed her or she axed me.
    I'm a little embarrassed to admit how many times I repeated the above process over and over again with the same outcomes - only the names changed.

    4. The inner circle. an exclusive group close to the center of power of an organization or movement, regarded as elitist and secretive.

    I believe that everyone, and I do mean everyone, is just a disguised version of myself. Instead of running away from you - I run to you.
    What do you have to teach me about myself that I have been unwilling to look at?
    Why you out of the 7.9 billion people? (This can't be an accident)
    You are no different from me and I from you.
    I have no interest in being a part of some so-called exclusive group, movement, or organization that is regarded as secretive and elitist.

    I once heard someone make a comment about particular individual saying that the person in question had no redeeming qualities and were not fit to live.
    How could anyone walking the planet ever be in a position to make such a determination?

    The belief in separation only has one goal - to make the gap between us bigger.
    Do you think we will ever have a chance of coming together if I see some people as crappy and others as not?
    Crappy behavior? yes
    Crappy people? impossible
    All crappy behavior is a call for correction, for understanding, and for love not punishment, ridicule and isolation.

    5. God sends me nothing but angels.

    If I fail to see the angelic qualities in you it just means I have more work to do.
    Everyone (and I do mean everyone) that has ever crossed my path is an angel.
    Each of them has brought me a gift.
    They are a beacon of Light just as I am.
    If we're all Light and you have forgotten that you are Light - during such times I must remember the Truth about you or both of us are lost.
    Thank you for being a presence in my life (to all the women in my past relationships) even if it were only for a moment. It was a serendipitous moment that I will always treasure.

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