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The secret to being a great promoter of love and compassion. (1 min 37 sec)


    1. You look up to God. Find God.

    Metaphor for the Divine: 
    "Looking up to God" is metaphorical language used here to mean someone who is seeking a higher, spiritual understanding and connection with a transcendent reality. 
    "Looking up to God" means that you have a desire for wisdom, guidance, and alignment with deeper spiritual truths.

    2. You look down. Find the judgment.

    Shift in Perception: 
    You look down" signifies a change in one's way of perceiving the world. Instead of seeing it through the lens of ego-based judgments, grievances, or separation, you adopt a perspective that aligns with the principles of love, compassion, and unity.
    "Looking down" is when you  see the world and its inhabitants through the lens of divine love and understanding, recognizing the deeper spiritual truth behind external appearances.

    3. You look up. Release the judgment.

    Recognizing Innocence:
    Recognize the inherent innocence in all people and situations. It's about seeing beyond the surface appearances and understanding that, at a deeper level, everything is an expression of either love or a call for love. 
    This is the only path that leads to forgiveness, healing, and a more peaceful approach to resolving conflicts and challenges.

    4. Let's go.

    The Practice: 
    Engage in a spiritual practice embodying the qualities of love and non-judgment.

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