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The Sky is Falling

You've seen the signs.
People have tried to warn you.
Now, in your darkest hour, someone has the plan to save your life.
Who has a better plan for you than a little chicken? A lot happens in this cozy little farmyard.
Without further ado, the elements...........

    1. Cocky Locky

    The cockiest of them all.
    Full of himself and his self-importance.
    The boss of the egg-laying operation.

    2. Henny Penny

    She panics at the slightest provocation and enjoys gossiping with the Local Rocking Chair Brigade.

    3. Local Rocking Chair Brigade

    They always have their beaks poked into other people's business instead of sticking to the task at hand.

    4. Turkey Lurkey and the Smartset

    Most of their time is spent finding fault and discussing what is wrong with the world.
    They are ignorant to what is going on around them, scatterbrained, and dim-witted.

    5. Jitterbirds

    They are empty-headed and silly.
    They're always giggling and not too smart. Featherbrained.

    6. Goosey Loosey

    She tends to follow the crowd or any order given to her by anyone.
    She's absent-minded, confused, and gullible.
    She is relaxed, unperturbed, and not triggered by things happening in the farmyard.

    7. Ducky Lucky

    A gay duck who likes to have fun. Gay as in happy not as in confused about gender.

    8. Chicken Little

    Shy on brains.
    Confused by a hunk of wood.

    9. Foxy Loxy

    Foxy Loxy's Psychology

    "Why should I get one when I can get them all?"
    "To influence the masses aim first at the least intelligent bird in the crowd."
    "If you tell them a lie don't tell them a little one, tell them a big one."
    "Undermine the faith of the masses and their leaders."
    "By the use of flattery, insignificant people can be made to look upon themselves as born leaders."

    10. Whispering Campaign

    Responsible for spreading gossip.

    11. What's it going to take to keep the sky from falling?

    Will it be high fences and security alarms?
    Will it be shotguns and pistols?
    Will it be attack and defense?
    Is the world so gullible as to be enticed to enter a cave with one way in and no way out?
    What psychology is being perpetrated on that you aren't even aware of?
    What happens when, like Cocky Locky, you're not at the top of the flock anymore? It's coming sooner or later.
    Who's going to save your life? 
    Who's voice are you going to listen to? 
    Who are you going to follow? Chicken Little
    Run to the Cave....Hurry
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