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There Are No Small Upsets

Every upset is equally disturbing to your Peace of Mind.
There is no "degree of upset."
We desperately try to make distinctions between upsets. "This upset is small but this upset is a big one - the upset of all upsets"
ALL Upsets much be extinguished for peace of mind.

    1. Identify the source of your upset.

    • Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed out?
    • Do you feel undervalued or unappreciated?
    • Do you feel neglected or unsupported?
    • Do you feel unfairly treated or discriminated against?
    • Do you feel misunderstood or not listened to?
    • Are you under pressure or faced with challenges you cannot handle?
    • Do you feel like you're not making progress or achieving your goals?
    • Do you feel alone or isolated?
    • Do you feel physically or emotionally unwell?
    • Do you feel frustrated or disappointed with a situation or outcome?
    • Are you afraid of planes, trains, or automobiles?

    2. How do you feel?

    Do you feel...

    • Angry?
    • Sad?
    • Frustrated?
    • Full of anxiety?
    • Depressed?
    • Helpless?
    • Lonely?
    • Insecure?
    • Jealous?
    • Envious?

    3. You are not upset for the reason you think that you are.

    1. Identify the source of your upset.

    The source is anything or anyone that is disturbing to your peace of mind.

    2. What feelings are you noticing as a result of the upset?

    You are not upset for the reason you think.
    All the upset does is make you feel powerless, fearful, and alone.
    Go deeper and identify the real cause of your upset.
    Realize it is nothing and let it go.
    Realize that you have another way that you could choose to view this situation that doesn't disturb your peace of mind.
    You could have a shift in your perception as it pertains to this upset. It's your choice.
    Remember: There are no small upsets because every upset is equally disturbing to your peace of mind.
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