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There’s only one thing that can give meaning to an idea. (1 min 58 sec)

There’s only one thing that can give meaning to an idea. (1 min 58 sec)

    1. You don’t need to believe it.

    To believe in an idea means accepting it as true without requiring proof. Your belief is not required. 

    2. You don’t need to welcome it.

    Welcoming an idea means to be open, to be willing to consider and explore it without immediately dismissing it. Your welcoming it is not required. 

    3. You need not accept the idea.

    Accepting an idea means recognizing the validity, truth, or existence of an idea. Your acceptance is not required. 

    4. There are some ideas you will actively resist.

    Resisting an idea means to actively oppose or refuse to accept an idea. You are asked not to resist the idea. 

    5. There are some ideas you may find startling.

    Startled means to be surprised or taken aback by idea. It is a momentary reaction of shock that can be triggered by an idea. You are asked not to judge or analyze the idea.

    6. The practical application of an idea will show you that it’s true. It’s the only thing that can.

    Practical application is the act of putting an idea into practice and applying it in real-world situations. 

    It involves implementing the idea to observe its effects, assess its usefulness, and determine its validity based on tangible results.

    By not judging or analyzing the idea and instead focusing on its practical application, the idea's truth will become evident through its real-world implementation and the results it produces.

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