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Things A New Homeowner Should Have

H/T @RayInNJ 

I'm envisioning a place with full utilities and appliances but otherwise unfurnished. You want your first few days to be as simple and stress-free as possible. 

Things A New Homeowner Should Have

    1. Phone Contact List

    Emergency Services, Utilities, prior owner, Realtor, etc.

    2. Simple bedding

    Air mattress, linens, pillows, etc.

    Bed frames, springs, mattresses may be available when you move in. Maybe not. In either case, not having to stress about immediate assembly can make things easier.

    3. Toiletries

    Include a shower curtain. Just in case.

    4. Basic Kitchen utensils

    What would take car camping. Stainless steel pot, no-stick pan, chef's knife, spatula, Don't forget spoons, forks, knives.

    5. Simple condiments, dressings, etc.

    6. Bring a few simple pre-cooked or easy to prepare meals

    7. Window treatments.

    You can always hang up sheets but.....

    8. Bathroom towels

    9. A few hand tools

    Make sure to include a tape measure and a flashlight.

    10. Your one favorite momento or knick knack

    11. Don’t forget to pick up the keys.

    12. How are you going to spend your first evening in your new place?

    Most people want to spend their first night enjoying the new place. So whether it is a musical instrument, a board game, or watching a movie on TV, plan on having what you need.

    13. Ice Bucket, glasses, and Champagne.

    After all, this should be a time to celebrate.

    14. Fire Extinguisher

    15. Basic Cleaning Supplies

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