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things I learned from running my first marathon

    1. Small, gradual improvement leads to big things

    My first my weekend run was 6 miles and I remember thinking "there is no way I am going to be able to do this" (not a big cardio guy at the time). But every week I ran a mile further and and added a bit here and there during the week. 4 months later, I crushed it. 

    2. It’s all mental

    We often have a lot more quit in our brain than we do in our body. This is natural, these systems were developed for self-preservation, but with a little push, you find quickly that you are capable of a lot more than you think you are. 

    3. Exhaustion can really throw you off your game

    If you are not used to this level of strain you need to equally emphasize recovery. The weeks I tried to push it in training, work, and my social life, I wasn't able to do any of them well. 

    4. At least for me, the marathon was emotional

    When I was exhausted, the adrenaline wore off, and I still had 3 miles to go, I might have cried a little. I was not expecting that. 

    5. The bug

    I understand why people get the marathon bug. As a competitive person, I immediately started going through all the things I could have done better. I won't be running another marathon anytime soon. 

    6. It’s good to do hard things

    While I don't plan to train for another race, I did feel empowered to try other things that are outside of my comfort zone. 

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