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I am talking to this guy and he says "You don't like a lot of things" I said " No. I like a lot of things. I've just had bad experiences with the things I don't like. Like soccer or ballet" So to change the vibe I am putting out... I am going to write as many things as this list will take. Ok I stopped at 25. I am tired.

    1. Spring and Fall

    They are the best. I know it's two things but aren't they just the best?

    2. Traveling

    I love to travel. I love seeing new things and experiencing new things.

    3. Documentaries

    I love learning about people.

    4. Trivia Games

    I don't know a lot but I think it's fun to play them and be totally wrong.

    5. Wikipedia

    I have been not doing well with my random searches because lots of stuff going on but I love wikipedia.

    6. Soft Bedding

    I like beds that feel like clouds.

    7. Adventures all the time

    I try to go on adventures all the time

    8. 80s movies

    they are just so simple.

    9. History Books

    I just want to learn about what has happened.

    10. Random Playlists

    That have little to do with my normal playlists. I want to discover new things

    11. Metaphysical stuff

    I like astrology and tarot cards. I think they can give you a new perspective on things.

    12. Public Transportation

    I'd rather have someone drive me around

    13. Cheerleading

    I loved cheering growing up. I could yell and throw people.

    14. Children

    Love them! I am going to the zoo with one of my students tomorrow. I am excited.

    15. Circle lights

    I bought two sconces from Amazon yesterday. They didn't work for me. I bought 6 round lights instead. They are perfect. I can change the colors on them. 12 colors!!

    16. My computer

    It's awesome. I am really glad I bought it.

    17. Football

    I like the brutality of it.

    18. Dresses that don't require bras

    I mean who wants to wear a bra?

    19. Perrier

    so delicious

    20. KBBQ


    21. Unexpectedly great concerts

    most concerts I go to I don't expect anything from them. They almost always turn out fantastic.

    22. Spotify

    I prefer it over itunes

    23. Quiet time

    I like things noisy from time to time but I really enjoy quiet time.

    24. Naps

    Naps are great.

    25. Elephants

    They are so funny looking.

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