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Things I used to enjoy

    1. RC Cola


    Guess it is still around. Haven't seen it in a long time.

    2. Yoo-hoo


    Was a huge fan as a kid. Had one a few months ago after decades and I didn't really like it that much....Would prefer a normal chocolate milk.

    3. McDonalds

    The food is just horrid now. Aside from the breakfast options and coffee, which are pretty solid. I might go 1-2x a year for food and I do go 5-10 times a year for coffee.

    4. Theme Parks

    They are so crowded and expensive now. I'd much rather spend my day doing something else. Prefer a concert or a sporting event for this kind of money.

    5. Rooting for sports teams

    It's just not the same. The players make WAY too much. They change teams too often. The purity of the game is lost. Even the college teams, it's just not the same and I don't really care anymore. NFL is the only American pro sports league I care about. Admire the players. The competition. eAnd fantasy football makes it even better.

    6. Partying

    My idea of having fun now is having a few drinks at dinner or watching some NFL games during the day. Still can go to bed fairly early and have a solid day the next day.

    7. Admiring and wanting a really nice car

    I HATE cars. They are such a pain. A friend just bought a $200k car and while it is nice, I can't understand why it's so expensive. Nor would I ever want one. Maybe an old classic car worth that amount. That would make sense!

    8. Arguing

    Used to feel the need to be right. I do like to debate with friends and family and they still get annoyed with me, but I no longer feel the burning desire to win an argument.

    9. Eating cereal with milk for breakfast

    Did this almost every day of my life from 8-28 or so. Occasionally, I'll have a bowl for dessert now. That's what it basically is...Or, if I stay in a hotel and want a big breakfast I might have a bowl.

    10. Being different from the crowd

    Actually, I still like to do this...

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