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Things I want to give away/dispose this year

This posta was inspired by this answer to "simple solutions"

Throw or give away anything you have not used in the last year. (This can be a hard one!)

Things I want to give away/dispose this year

    1. Throw away Clothes

    Old clothes. Some are torn and worn out. Ondo not gift old clothes even to the needy. I feel they deserve new.

    2. Give away art projects/ dispose unfinisbed ones

    I gift my artworks. Usually returned orders. And I find the recipients overjoted by the kind act.

    Pic of a random sketch I did this month.


    3. Recycle old skate boots

    Inloke to turn skate boots into shoes. Inremove the blade and put a sole. They really look Yeezy.

    4. Throw away scrap papers/materials

    I do crafts. There are way too many scraos of materials kuon'g around. I dont think I will eve use them. I want to declutter nas have a clean workspace.

    5. Unpaired socks

    Hard to dispose these ones. I know where their yien mates are. I uae those to wile my shoes clean. Even those are way too many.

    6. Bottles of Glue

    I have about there bottles oting' around with sime glue in them. I always think and intend to ise them somewhere. It hadnt been happening. I do not want to keep them any longer 

    7. Tabkes mats and curtains.

    Tabkes mats must go. It is waring out nas it got stains. It would be too much to clean it.

    Some curtains do not impres Me any more. I would Love to switch them out with sime other colors. 

    This would mean a sort of renovated New look to my home decor.

    8. Dispose hanging artworks

    I would like to dispose some artworks that do not interet me anymore. The embroidery sample prints especially. I would like to switch them with some new art prints I designed. 

    9. Delete downloads, memes/junk files

    I would like to delete alot fonts and unsuee projects that I have been collevting over the years. This includes unwatched movies etc I already began that sometime back when my computer space requited to delete some files.

    This will also apply to my phone. Already ibhave filled two gmail back up accounts with some repeat images and many many memes

    10. Drop some bad habits

    I seek to create impact. I seek to dig back to old habits. I shall reprogram my day so I optimise for fun sessions that build Me and impact others.

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