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Things I want to learn

I even talked myself out of a couple before I finished writing them down. 

    1. To listen more

    This is more of a skill I need to practice. I have been trying to talk less and listen more but just because I can jaw with the best of them, doesn't mean I wouldn't rather  hear what others have to say. 

    2. Pure Math

    I honestly might never take the time but I do find the subject interesting. If I could have a do-over on my schooling I would have majored in math and nuclear physics and probably still worked in finance. 

    3. French

    I speak Spanish decently well considering the infrequency of my practice, but  the app duolingo and French is not coming along quite as naturally as Spanish did. 

    4. To read faster

    I have tried a few common techniques and quite frankly none of them have actually resulted in a notable increase in speed without a undesirable decrease in comprehension. 

    5. To procrastinate less

    My cycle goes: (sometime I skip straight to 3)

    1) I either jump into a task without a clear plan or inventory of inputs/data

    2) I spin my wheels and the activity becomes undesirable 

    3) I either put the work off by ignoring it, or overplanning/over engineering the solution but don't make any actual progress 

    4) I wait until I have some impending deadline and create undue stress but almost always get a serviceable result. 

    6. To fold a losing hand faster

    Not in cards, in life. Fail fast and fail upward they say. 

    7. More decision making frameworks

    I just love them. 

    8. More about wine

    From books and experience. It's a tough sport.. If someone else has to tell you what's good it's already too expensive.  

    9. How to play piano

    I would also enjoy prooducing music but put it in the "it's a better use of someone else's time" category because I'll realistically never be great at it nor do I desire to put in the time it would take to be even decent. 

    10. Stand up comedy

    I have never sat down and thought about the structure of a good joke and also realize the amount of skill and practice that goes into good delivery. Maybe I would hate it, but I would enjoy finding out. 

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