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Things I Wonder About with Seasteading.

Seasteading: the practice of establishing permanent settlements on structures located in areas of sea outside the jurisdiction of any country

This concept has intrigued me for many years. This is simply a list of things that interest me about seasteading. Hopefully many of you will have further questions or ideas.

    1. Is it even legal?

    Creating sovereign territory or "micro nations" is an immensely complicated issue on the legal front. I believe there is nothing in international law that prohibits this but the hurdles are high.

    2. Would seasteads ever be stable?

    Or will they always remain an experiment?

    3. Mobile or Fixed Location?

    4. Floating or Structure?

    5. Deck area vs. seakeeping?

    Assuming a floating structure, what are the advantages / disadvantages of certain hull shapes.

    6. Smaller or Larger?

    Is this an idea that is possible on a small scale but does not scale up? Or is this a concept that only works on large scale and is not possible in a smaller footprint?

    7. Should self sustainability even be a goal?

    How many nations today could survive with NO imports or exports? Why do so many think that this should be a priority in Seasteads?

    8. What types of industries or businesses would work best located on a Seastead?

    9. From of government?

    Seasteading has Anarchism as one of its founding pillars. I have doubts about an anarchic style of government working. Not sure what a better idea would be.

    10. Not a Seastead in the truest sense but definitely a floating homestead.


    11. How do Seasteaders deal with medical emergencies?

    12. How do Seasteaders get groceries and supplies?

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