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Things I'm looking forward to in 2023

Things I'm looking forward to in 2023

    1. A fresh start

    It's always a great feeling to start new things on January 1

    2. More money

    A salary adjustment and a promotion are on deck for me early in 2023. More money to put towards an (hopefully) early retirement.

    3. The stock market

    I'm expecting another down year in 2023. However, whether it's up or down, I have fun investing. I'm actually hoping I'm right about the down year, since I have some hedges in place and we do need the economy to slow down before we can rev it back up again in a healthy way.

    4. Regulation in the cryptocurrency markets

    I still believe in and remain invested in cryptocurrencies. However, I do hope the whole FTX debacle forces more regulation and encourages more conservative investments and stability.

    5. Web3

    The foundations are being built for so-called "Web3." I'm excited to see what emerges in 2023, and hopefully I can take an active part in helping to build it.

    6. Vacation

    I have a cruise with my family planned for this summer. Spain, France, and Italy!

    7. Some fun trips to Washington D.C.

    They finally opened up a Metro station near my house. It's an hour each way, but the horrific traffic and parking situation in DC is no longer an excuse for me not to go. I hope I can take my kids to the National Zoo, the Smithsonian, and a Nationals baseball game in 2023.

    8. Work-life balance

    This is the year that I finally achieve the holy grail of work-life balance. The next phrase that comes to mind is, "We plan, God laughs." LOL. What wrench does 2023 plan to throw into the cogs this time?

    9. Time to get in the best shape of my life

    In college, I spent about 20 hours a week running, exercising at the gym, and doing three martial arts (including teaching kendo). Now I'm in my 40s and have a dad bod. But things are looking up! I've been eating right and exercising. I've lost 10 pounds in the past three months. In 2023, I continue the progress. Let me also add, my wife is an inspiration to me. She's also in her 40's, and last year she started running triathlons.

    10. Progress on my projects

    So many projects, so little time! One resolution I have for 2023 is to work on my side projects for 1 hour a day. Just 1 hour! Should be doable. (check out all my little side projects... https://stormshock.com/ - I'm throwing everything up on the wall to see what sticks!)

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