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Brian Kessler


This is your last day

You know you’re going to die at midnight tonight. What will you do with your last day?

    1. Pray

    Pray for forgiveness, grace and the courage to face what’s coming.

    2. Visit/Call everyone I love

    I need them to know I love them and I’m sorry for any hurts I’ve caused them. If the show fits, let them I know forgive them as well.

    3. Record time capsule videos for my wife, daughters and granddaughters

    If I can’t be there for them on their big days and special events then I want them to know now that I’m proud of them and their accomplishments.

    4. Tell my mom that she did a good job

    All parents carry guilt. Period. Mom needs to let go of hers where it pertains to me. She raised me well and has nothing to feel guilty about.

    5. Finalize my affairs - funeral and finances

    I don’t want my family to have to plan my funeral while grieving for me. I’ve don’t it and it sucks. They don’t need that in their lives. Likewise, I don’t them worrying about money.

    6. Ask my good friends to look after my family when I’m gone

    Nothing overly intrusive. Just check in from time to time and occasionally offer to help them with the tasks I would normally being doing.

    7. Kick my bucket list to the curb

    It all seems pitifully unimportant now.

    8. Watch the sunset from my roof

    To me, sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. As the sun is setting on my life, so to speak, I want to soak up that beauty one last time.

    9. Throw a party! 🎉

    One last bash for everyone I know. Let’s get loose and have some fun!

    10. Hug and kiss my family goodbye 😢

    One last moment to tell them all how much I love them and not to worry about me. I know we’ll all be together again.

    11. What would you do???

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