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Thoughts on Investments

Perspectives differ, you never have all the information you need to make decisions & some of your best investments cost nothing but your time & discipline (I’m not an investment advisor!)

    1. The sooner you take responsibility for your own health the better

    You are either on a continuum of disease or health. Poor health robs you of vitality to chase your dreams. Poor health will affect your outcome if you become injured.

    2. You may need to consider investments beyond stocks, bonds or savings accounts

    Remember when you are investing in stocks you are investing in a business that you have no control over. Look closely at management.

    3. The past is already resolved one way or the other, the past does not predict the future, but it does offer clues

    4. The Federal Reserve is always about 6 months behind in assessing the effects of their actions

    You still need to watch what they do if you have any consumer debt with variable interest

    5. Consumer debt will bury you in an economic environment like now

    6. Debt to buy cash flowing assets with a good ROI is acceptable if non-recourse

    The debt should be self-liquidating using the income from the asset

    7. Having your own cash flowing business(es) is a great path to real wealth

    Don’t over-leverage yourself to weather economic downturns

    8. Invest in a good bicycle & helmet

    9. Reduce, reuse, recycle

    Most things can be reused for another purpose to help you save money

    10. Don’t spend too much time trying to save nickels & dimes

    Look at the big categories of your expenses to save money every quarter - things change fast, interest rates are rising along with inflation - cut your discretionary expenses if you are using consumer debt to pay for them

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