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Thoughts on Marvel SNAP!

Marvel SNAP! is a collectible card game that is played on a phone app. I don't have much experience with this genre, but I think I'm addicted to this game.

    1. Location, Location, Location

    You battle for supremacy against another player on a field comprised of 3 locations. It takes 3 turns for the locations to reveal themselves, and most locations have effects that can alter the way the game is going. Some can ruin games entirely (ending the game early, making the computer take control of your hand of cards, making players draw from each other's decks). When you know a certain location is 'featured' - i.e. will more likely show up than any other random location - you can and should build your deck of cards to suit that.

    2. Your Favourite Heroes Won't Be Your Favourite Cards

    Almost every card has some mechanical advantage beyond its attack power. They usually reflect the character's superpower. Just because you like the character doesn't mean their card's advantage is all that useful.

    3. Death Deck

    Some cards actually destroy your other cards. This may sound counter-productive, but there are ways to use this to your advantage, and it's become my favourite play style.

    4. Move Deck

    Some cards can move from location to location (or cause other cards to do so), and thereby gain power. I have trouble implementing this as a winning strategy, and I find it very confusing to watch others beat me with it.

    5. Decks That Give Me Fits

    There seems to be a play style that combines Odin and/or Wong (who allow repeat uses of the one-time 'On Reveal' powers of other cards) to spam the locations with fairly powerful cards. They don't use many cards early in the game, so it's hard to see what they're going to be doing until it's too late.

    6. Spoiler Deck

    Frustration with #5 has led me to create a deck that aims to prevent the other player's tactics. It hasn't always been successful, but it's very satisfying when it does.

    7. Card Envy Is a Thing

    Even if I wanted to emulate #5 style, I don't possess the right cards for it.

    8. Aesthetic Pursuits are Necessary

    Through playing (and winning) you accrue certain prizes that upgrade your cards' appearance. I couldn't care less how these upgrades supposedly make my cards more 'Rare' but you are rewarded for having higher 'quality' cards with new cards, so maybe I can eventually get that Doctor Doom card that might fix my losing streak(s).

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