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TikTok Observations

I'm an elder millennial that has stumbled onto TikTok and these are some trends I'm observing. 

    1. Modded Music

    TikTok loves to use modified songs. The unique sound they create lead to peaked interest in video clips. Here are some interesting examples:

    Nikki Minaj slowed down = Jay-Z

    Morgan Wallen sped up = Miley cyrus

    Tyler Childers sped up = Miranda Lambert

    I think this trend continues and makes its way into mainstream music. I think every mainstream song will be tailored to include at least one short sound bite specifically designed to become popular sounds used TikTok videos and in turn make the song more viral.

    bonus: the song "free fall" sped up by the band Rainbow Kitten Surprise is really good!

    2. Short Form Media

    Micro clips of obscure shows. Recently I watched short clips of the 2019 tv show "Why Women Kill." I had never heard of this show, I have no idea if this was a good show and I assume it wasn't a commercial success but I got sucked into a storyline and then kept watching. I watched some of the show "Shameless" on TikTok. I was similarly sucked into a captivating (disfunctional) storyline and even though I don't have Showtime, I would try to watch more of this show if I had the chance. If I worked at a legacy media company I would hire someone to micro clip old shows to drum up interest. Or if I was up-and-coming actor, writer, or producer, I would consider making media specifically made in short format, designed to hook you in and want to consume more (future shows, movies, roles, etc.).

    3. Niche Content

    If you have an obscure hobby and if you are willing to film, you can build a massive following on TiKTok. The more obscure the better! One guy built an eel pit (everyone's goal right?). Another person 3-d printed a "mansion" for a frog outside his apartment and turned it into a series. Another guy films himself feeding a local squirrel everyday. Maybe the algorithm knows I have a soft spot for animals, either way I can't look away at this stuff. I don't think these creators are making a ton of money on views but the following and opportunities for paid partnerships or sponsorships certainly has value. The internet has made career possibilities limitless. Do whatever makes you happy kids!

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