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Tips to create a great first podcast

I've never created a podcast before, but I do love listening to a lot of them.

With that disclaimer in mind, here are a few of my suggestions on how to create a good listening experience.

    1. Don't hide your ads

    I hate when the host is talking and is suddenly interrupted by an ad. It makes it impossible to skip the ad and worsens the listening experience.

    2. Try to aim for less than 1 hr.

    Since it's your first podcast, you probably won't have a big audience base yet. Because of this, I'd recommend bringing your users in little by little with bite-sized podcasts to start.

    3. Start with an agenda/synopsis

    This helps the listener understand what topic the podcast will cover.

    4. It's your podcast - we want to hear from YOU! Let your personality shine.

    So, your podcast is probably focused on a topic. Thing is, there are tons of ways to obtain information about a subject. Your personality will ideally be a selling point for your podcast.

    5. Pick a subject you have credibility on

    You could talk about so many things, but to draw users in it makes sense to convince listeners that you're worth listening to because of your expertise or experience.

    6. Choose a fun thumbnail

    As with lots of things in life, branding matters. Speaking for myself, when I see visually-exciting or cute thumbnails, I'm more interested in investigating the podcast.

    7. Invite a famous guest to contribute

    What better way to prove you're legitimacy than to come with a famous person's stamp of approval?

    Caveat: you need to know someone famous who's willing to appear on your show. Maybe Notepd could be a good place to source someone who could help!

    8. Include show notes

    With a bit of extra effort, you render your show accessible to a wider audience and you make it more likely to show up in keyword searches.

    9. Create a theme song

    Theme songs are the best! And they very easily get caught in people's heads, which is good for the stickiness of your show.

    To be fair, it might not be worth your time to create a theme song for episode 1. This can come later.

    10. Remember: you can iterate. Your podcast can (and probably should!) evolve as you find your niche

    There's no need to commit to a topic with an iron fist from day 1. If you take a design-thinking approach and iterate as you develop a following, you'll be more likely to ensure product-market fit.

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