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Tips To Make Oktoberfest Reservations


    1. Choose top tents

    2. Use the info in #10 to know when reservations open up. Make sure you are on your computer exactly at that time!

    3. Most reservations require either an email or a phone call.

    If it is an email, have a template drafted and ready to go so that you can just sent it to as many tents as possible.

    4. You’ll need to know the number of people, exact dates, and even a preferred location in the tent if you have one.

    5. Apply for a reservation to as many as possible.

    You only pay once they accept your reservation, so it’s worth trying for as many as possible and you can always decline ones if you get the tent you want.

    6. As of the 2019 Fest (before Corona) many require a bank transfer for payment. EC and Credit Cards are not accepted for a lot of the tents.

    7. Many Oktoberfest tents require a minimum of 10 people for a reservation

    8. Most will only mail the vouchers to a German address. cess

    Some will require you to pick them up from central offices in Munich as well. Therefore, ask specifically about how to obtain their voucher so you know the correct pro

    9. Don’t why they don’t have online reservation systems, but many still require you to send an email for a reservation request (or even make a phone call!)

    Don’t expect replies immediately.  In fact, some may take up to 6-10 weeks to even reply yes (or no)

    10. Use the links below to head directly to their reservation information.

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