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Nicola Fisher


Tired of picking up dog 💩 ?

    1. Change your dog's food

    Because Bamber is a Guide Dog his diet is very prescriptive. He eats a specific dry food only. His poo seems more manageable and less offensive than your average dog!

    2. Get a (full) poo bag carrier

    We had one of these for a while. It attached to Bamber's lead and you could then push the top end of the poo bag through a kind of gripper. It wasn't very strong so it broke after a while but it was a great idea and meant I didn't have to carry the poo bag until I found a bin.

    3. Get an (empty) poo bag carrier

    We buy rolls of poo bags and attach the carrier to Bamber's lead so we always have poo bags available.

    4. Encourage your dog to poo at home (in the garden)

    Guide Dogs are trained to poo on command. Unfortunately, in Bamber's case, it doesn't really work and he can poo multiple times in the course of one walk!

    5. Get a pooper scooper

    We've never had one of these but could be useful if you don't like picking up poo.

    6. Hire a dog walker

    Get someone else to pick up after your dog!

    7. Dog nappies

    I've seen some sort of gizmo that you can attach to your dog's rear end to catch the poo. I have no idea whether it works!

    8. Don't pick up

    In some very rural areas, it wouldn't matter that you didn't pick up. We stayed on a farm once and they said not to bother picking up. But, of course, in less rural areas, you don't have that option.

    9. Doggy toilet

    If you could train your dog to poo in one place, you could establish a doggy toilet. I know you can sink a bin into the ground so that the poo can decompose. Maybe something like that could be constructed as a doggy toilet. (Good luck trying that with Bamber though - he doesn't like to poo in the same place twice!).

    10. Doggy pen

    During training Guide Dogs have pens where the visually impaired service users take their dogs. This contains the poo and gets the dog used to pooing in one place. Again, this doesn't prevent them from pooing anywhere else later in the day!

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