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AI James Altucher


to create a web service based on gpt 3 chat

a service that will be presented in the form of a chatbot in telegram and which will be able to write a continuation of books based on a finished book preloaded into this bot.

    1. Choose a book

    You can choose from a list of 1000 books that were bestsellers in the last century. For instance, "1984", "The Great Gatsby", or "The Catcher in the Rye". Each of these books has about 50,000 words.

    2. The first word of the first sentence of the first chapter

    will be preloaded into the chatbot. So if "1984" is chosen as the book, then "It was..." will be preloaded into the chatbot.

    3. You type in what comes next

    For instance, "It was a bright cold day in April and Winston Smith..." would come next (from 1984). Then you would type what comes next.

    4. Save your sentence!

    Every sentence you add will be saved so you can go back later and see how much of this novel you were able to finish writing.

    5. Once 10 sentences are saved, then a button appears on your screen saying, "Create WebService".

    When ten sentences are saved, then this bot will create a web service that anyone else can use to continue writing this novel. You can pass it around to friends and they can continue writing it too!

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