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Today let’s not let any ego thoughts direct our words or actions. (1 min 48 sec)

Ego thoughts are easy to recognize because they're always associated with fear, separation, and a distorted perception of reality.

Today let’s not let any ego thoughts direct our words or actions. (1 min 48 sec)

    1. Judgment.

    Ego thoughts lead to judgment of oneself and others. It involves forming opinions, comparisons, and evaluations based on external appearances. This creates a sense of superiority or inferiority and reinforce the belief in separation.

    2. Guilt.

    The ego thrives on guilt and self-blame. It constantly reminds us of past mistakes and shortcomings, keeping us trapped in a cycle of self-condemnation. Guilt reinforces the illusion of separation and prevents us from experiencing forgiveness and self-acceptance.

    3. Specialness.

    Ego thoughts revolve around the idea of being special or unique, either in a positive or negative sense. It seeks to make us feel different or superior to others as a way to maintain a sense of individual identity. This specialness reinforces the belief in separation and hinders the recognition of our shared oneness.

    4. When these thoughts occur we quietly step back, look at them and let go.

    5. Don’t grab hold, don’t agree with them, don’t fight against them, and don’t pay any attention to them.

    6. You do not want what these thoughts bring with them.

    7. There’s no reason to choose to keep them because they only bring lack and unhappiness into our lives.

    8. When you give them no attention they melt away.

    9. Today, I choose to remember love instead of this.

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